Surprise Wedding ceremony on BIV yacht charters midst of Caribbean Sea

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Hi, I am Cindru and I remember the time when I got married like it was yesterday. There were many memories that had been created at that time. It was full of surprises that had ever happened to me in my life. Marriage is one point that changes everything in the life of a woman. It is the time which brings lots of new things and the new age of life. When I got married I did not know that everything was arranged by boyfriend. It was a common get together where all the friends were only invited that I knew.

The program of getting together was fixed in a luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean Sea. I have never been on the Caribbean Sea before and therefore I was very much excited. When I reached there with my boyfriend we all we enjoying and dancing in the middle of the sea where the sun was shining brightly. When the evening came to my boyfriend kneeled down and asked me that if I want to marry him. The time just stopped at that exact point and even the boat in which we all were on. I was having no clues as what was going on and everyone was shouting say yes.

Caribbean Sea

I love him so much that there was no point in which I would be saying no to him. When I said yes there were fireworks and we kissed each other. Suddenly I saw that another yacht arrived and my parents and his parents were also standing there. It was a shock for as there was everyone that I needed in that exact moment. More to this the parents came with the priest and I was dressed in Caribbean style. The luxury yacht charter of BVI was looking more luxuries in its own way. In just a moment of time, I was the bride for the most handsome and lovely person on the entire Caribbean Sea.

My parents were standing right in front of my eyes when everything was happening. The whole sea became my wedding place which I liked the most. I was having nothing to say at that time and there were only tears of happiness. The moment was there when the priest asked that if I want to marry or not. Then I replied yes and after it, I was only hearing claps all the way. It was the most blessed full wedding that any girl can only imagine. I know that many of you might be thinking that it is a fake story but it really happened with me.

I always ask my husband that if I said no then what would had happened. Then he only says that there was no chance that I would be saying no to him. I know that I would never say no to him and with all the arrangements he did a really good work on arranging the wedding. It was the wonderful feeling that will be staying for the rest of my life.


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