Short trips you can take on a long weekend

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With one long weekend shortly approaching and a few others to come, going on a short trip is the best way to utilize it. A weekend getaway might be great but a 4-day long trip is a complete rejuvenating experience, and that’s what you absolutely deserve after a long week.  We are here to suggest a few places that you could go to for a 3 day trip and in case you are worried about it turning out to be too expensive, these Oyo Rooms offers might just save the day. So, pack your bags and get set, go!

Oyo Rooms offers

1) Delhi- Amritsar

Especially, if you are looking for a serene spiritual experience, this is the place to be. The Golden Temple in Amritsar, in all its glory at night, is a sight you will never forget. Hire a vehicle and explore the local markets. Have a meal at the gurudwara. You could also visit the Jallianwala Bagh memorial. The place has a lot of historic significance. You can plan this tour by yourself and spend your long weekend doing fun things too.  Ram Bagh Gardens and summer palace are the places that can also be covered in this tour. Once you’re done with sightseeing you can feast on some delicious Punjabi food!

2) Taj Mahal- Khajuraho

This 3 day trip can turn into a beautiful exploration journey. The main highlight of the trip is the visit to the Taj Mahal, the Ochhra temples, and the beautifully carved Khajuraho temples. Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the Khajuraho temples are considered to be world heritage sights. Take your spouse out for the weekend or surprise them with this short vacation. It will definitely help you rekindle all that love.

3)    Corbett

If you are the adventurous kind and want to spend your time exploring the wilderness while you witness a herd of elephants crossing then this is the place to be. The Corbett national park has its own day and night safaris. You could also spend a night camping at the national park. It is a perfect way to refresh you by spending some time close to nature and its wonders.

4)    Ajanta Ellora

These caves are a world heritage site and some of the finest of their kind. Located in Aurangabad, the caves are said to be mysterious with some beautiful stories. It offers a sneak peek into the Buddhism and their way of life and architecture. The sculptures and paintings in the caves are masterpieces in themselves. These Buddhist temples are a great way to experience the life Buddha once lived.

5)    Ranthambore

Another beautiful location with an adventurous experience is this wild place called Ranthambore. Its wildlife sanctuary is the key attraction. It has one of the largest national parks in India. Located in Rajasthan, the National park is known for its Project Tiger reserves. Along with the beautiful scenery you can also look at the majestic tigers in their own habitat.


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