Must Try Halal Foods That You Can Enjoy At Home

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Halal food is well known around the world. In Singapore, Halal food is very common since people who live here are a combination of different races. Almost all people can eat Halal food but there are certain groups of people who are very particular in eating only Halal foods. When you are at home, as much as possible, you would only want to relax or sometimes you become so busy that you don’t have time to cook for the family. You wouldn’t have to worry though, even if you are very particular in eating Halal food only, since there are a lot of food that you can enjoy at home.

There are a lot of interesting Halal foods that Singapore has to offer. You can choose from their wide array of recipes so you will not grow tired of eating the same dishes all the time. Many Halal restaurants in Singapore offer food delivery because they understand that some people like eating their food in the comfort of their homes. Here are some of the Halal foods that you can enjoy at home:

Halal Foods

Chicken Rice Or Roast Duck Rice

Chicken rice or roast duck rice is a very famous recipe in Singapore. Almost all Halal centers or restaurants serve this recipe so you wouldn’t have to worry about asking it to be delivered to your home. It’s a very simple meal and yet very delicious. Chicken rice is usually steamed chicken, though there are some that prefer to have the roast chicken same as the roasted duck, and vice versa for the duck. The rice is delicious since it is cooked with chicken stock to make it more flavorful. Slices of chicken or duck are placed as a topping on the rice and served with slices of cucumber to balance the taste. You can have a dipping sauce for the chicken to add flavor if you want it to be more salty or spicy.


Laksa has different varieties and it is not a problem having the noodle dish delivered to your home since the sauce is packed separately. You will then just have to add it when you are going to eat. In some restaurants, they pack this together but they make sure that it is not going to spill or affect the quality of the food. Laksa is a rice noodle dish that is served with coconut curry soup. There are other ingredients added, such as fish cakes, eggs, chicken fillets, shrimps and bean sprouts.

Char Kuay Teow

Char Kuay is another popular dish and it’s easy to find a restaurant that serves this dish. It’s a stir fried noodle dish. The noodles are stir fried in black soya sauce and mixed with bean sprouts, eggs, oysters or clams and fish cakes. You can have it spicy if you want to, but if children will be eating you can ask it not to be spicy. This is easy to prepare and easy to eat so you will enjoy eating this at home. After a long day at work, you can drop by your favorite restaurant and ask for Char Kuay Teow for take out.

Nasi Lemak

This is another complete dish that is commonly eaten for breakfast, but a lot of also people enjoy eating it anytime of the day. There are restaurants that serve really delicious Nasi Lemak. The dish is served with rice that is cooked in coconut milk to add flavor and the aroma is to die for. It is served with fried fish or sometimes anchovies mixed with peanuts. Shreds of fried scrambled eggs are added to the meal but some serve it with fried egg and slices of cucumber. The most important ingredient that highlights the dish is really good quality and delicious sambal. Many people enjoy eating Nasi Lemak at home since they can eat it using their bare hands.

There are a lot of Halal of foods that you can enjoy at home and have them delivered by Halal restaurants in Singapore. All you have to do is to explore them. In Singapore, there are different influences that affect their cuisine and all these has been a great combination to make new wonderful dishes. It is not difficult to find something to eat, even if you are looking for Halal food. There are some who are encouraged to eat Halal food even if they don’t have to because of its wonderful taste and combination of flavors.


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