Are you Travelling? You are Missing Out on These

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Life is a journey and everyone travels it the best way they know how to. Other than simply travelling b from birth to death or from home to work daily, you could choose to literally live on the road. But I am not rich, I can’t afford that, right? Wrong. This is the misconception that is holding you back from crossing out your bucket list.

The life of travel is the cheapest life so you don’t need to hoard gold. Besides, you can make money on the go. You don’t have to worry about stocking up; so you can save a lot of money for fun instead. But the travel world is dangerous, do I need an icbc lawyer Vancouver? Well, that depends if you are traveling on official duty or personal reasons. If it is the later, all you need is a backpack and a visa or bus ticket.

So why the hype?


The limits to what you can do and engage in while travelling is your imagination. If you are used to closing yourself up in a cocoon because you are afraid of being judged, travelling will set you free. You get to be you in all aspects. It is a road of self-realization and going after your dreams

You get to skip the rules and hassle of having to go to a restaurant to catch lunch when you can stop by the road and have your meals on top of a rock watching a beautiful scenery. If you find yourself in the woods, you can scream if you want to, you can even walk around in minimal clothes or talk to the monkeys without getting weird looks.

2.Expand you comfort zone

Being on the road allows you to break free and face your fears. If meeting strangers scares you, you can decide to greet every person you meet and politely smile at them. Chances are, they are not as bad as you imagine them to be. After all, what is the worst they can do to you anyway? Whatever the case, you don’t know them, so no shame.

All the fun activities involved with travel life are limitless. Think of learning a new language and culture, learning a new sport like skateboarding, bungee jumping or rock climbing. You can even learn how to play a new instrument and relate with people better.

3.Live your dreams

Just sitting at home thinking about how climbing Mt Everest would be really cool or how beautiful Paris is, is not enough. You need to get out there and leave your footprints on earth. You don’t have forever to live a life that you hate, feeling imprisoned and limited.

You can easily live all your passions on the road. Get married in Vegas and enjoy your honey moon at a beach on an African coastal beach. ‘I would love to, but what about my career life?’ Who said that travelling will stop you from working? You can take on flexible careers within your skills and do it from any place in the world. The best part is that you can do what you want anywhere.


The life of travel is fun and limitless. It is less judgmental and flexible. It exposes to new levels of life and allows you to enjoy the small things in life like watching the sun rise and set or simply learning a song from the birds. You only need to plan, set aside some little money for a start, get your bucket list, diary, camera and live a life of adventure. After all, you only live once.


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