How To Apply For Visa For Arrival For Uk Citizen In The Embassy Of Vietnam?

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The socialist republic of Vietnam (SRV) or simply Viet Nam is a South East Asian country which engages in a foreign policy of openness, diversification and multi laterization of international relations. This is reflected in its visa norms too. Vietnam is a fast growing economy and invites numerous visitors throughout the year for both tourist and business purposes. Mostly Vietnam issues five types of visas namely e-visa, online visa (through international travel agents), visa on arrival, business visa, and embassy visa (for diplomatic purposes). Depending on the type, they can be obtained either through embassy or through any government authorised agents. Here we would be focussing only on Vietnam visa UK citizens.

How to apply for visa for arrival for UK citizen in the embassy of Vietnam 1

United Kingdom is one of the 23 nations which enjoy visa exemption / entry without visa with few restrictions for Visa for Vietnam from UK:

  • -The maximum stay must not exceed 15 days.
  • -The passport should hold valid for 6 months from the date of arrival to the country.
  • -A gap of at least 30 days must be maintained between two consecutive visa free visits.

If the visit purpose is more than 15 days an uk citizen can obtain visa for Vietnam by Vietnamese embassy (consulate office)

It can be applied by a UK citizen either in his resident country or the nearest embassy in his present staying country before entering Vietnam. The embassy mostly issues 3 kinds of visas I.e tourist visa, business visa and diplomatic and official visa. The process of getting the tourist and business visas are almost same only differing in a submission of few extra documents in the latter case. Documents for an tourist visa are:

-For any visa one must submit two signed Vietnam visa application form which is available either as a hard copy at the consulate office or can be downloaded on the consulate website. The application needs the applicant to fill details like personal information as per the passport, type of visa, duration of stay etc.

– Original passport which is valid for at least 6 months beyond stay in Vietnam and a blank page for stamping.

-Two passport size photos (usually 4cm×6cm)

-Visa processing fee

How to apply for visa for arrival for UK citizen in the embassy of Vietnam

Tourist visas are issued in C1 /C2 category, either in person at the embassy, or by post. It can also be applied via email and can be collected either by person or through special registered post / Royal Mail. (These fees have to be borne by the applicant). Mostly the working days of the embassy office is Monday to Friday .the form and fee can vary from country to country. One can check it directly with the Vietnamese embassy or consulate office to which one applies. It usually takes 5 business days to process and finally get the visa. One can avail emergency services too.

Whatever way, a person obtains the visa; always one has to be vigilant in choosing the agencies (VOD), filling up the correct details and keeping the immigration law of the country in mind, to have a memorable trip of this beautiful country.


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