3 Scratch Off Travel Maps for Him

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If your friend is a traveler by heart but doesn’t have enough time to do what he really wants, then maybe you can motivate him to put all of his plans into action by giving him some sort of inspiration so that all his plans will push through. But sometimes, it can be hard to decide on what gift you think would help him decide that today is the day that he has to at least spend his time doing what he really loves.

Don’t you worry though because Luckies have all the best gifts that you can possibly think of starting from 3 scratch off travel maps for him. These are just a good example for your friend to finally act on all of his desires to visit the different parts of the world. He could do whatever he wants with it but having these unique gifts can help him understand that all of his travel plans should come true, whether he is planning on walking among the crowds at the Great Wall of China, or eating Moussaka in Greece.

Travel Maps for Him

The Scratch Map of the Rich and Fancy

If your friend is the type of person who has always lived the good life, then the Scratch Map Platinum poster is the one for him. It is metallic and so very posh and glamorous to look at, your friend could display it in his office and they could brag about all the places he has travelled to. It includes a high-quality coin which they could use to scratch the map and reveal the colors underneath it. It also has stickers that they could use to decorate the map with. The price of £29.95 is just a small price to pay for your special friend.

For your Thalassophile friend

This is one of the most gorgeous additions to the Scratch Map family. This one is called Scratch Map Oceans map is the most perfect gift that you could ever give to your friends who have a true love for the Ocean. It is printed on clear acrylic which makes it even more unique from the other Scratch Maps. Once your friend scratched it, he will see countries painted in different and beautiful colors. It also has many details about the ocean that your friend will be super excited about, and it only costs £24.95 which is worth it already for its quality. For your friend to see how magnificent it is, he should display it on a white or pale colored wall.

Perfect for all the Food Lovers out there

The Gourmet Scratch Map from https://www.luckies.co.uk/ is perfect for your friend who is really interested in Europe’s finest foods. Instead of the well-known countries, you will see the famous food that each country offers. It is printed with silver and black foil on a matte black paper, but underneath are different pretty colors that really matches the renowned places. Your friend will definitely love exploring the different foods by these wonderful countries.

Scratch Maps by Luckies make very great gifts for your friends that are enamored by the many cultures and places of the world. Why not give them something that would remind them how much they love travelling? Or how deep their love for food is?


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